Teaching experience (University of Southern Queensland)

ECO-3030 Sustainable Economics [S2 2021, S2 2019, S2 2018] (Assistant Examiner, role: course lecture, course update, StudyDesk management, marking)

ECO-3010 International Economics and Trade [S1 2019] (Marking Assistant, role: marking)

ECO-3002 Economic Policy Analysis [S2 2021] (Course team member, role: StudyDesk management, marking)

ECO-1000 Economics [S1 2018] (Marking Assistant, role: marking)

(At American International University-Bangladesh)

ECO-4121 Applied Econometrics [Spring 2015-2016, Summer 2013-2014, Summer 2012-2013]

ECO-3218 Econometrics [Fall 2015-2016, Spring 2013-2014, Summer 2012-2013]

ECO-3104 Health economics [Spring 2016-2017, Fall 2014-2015]

ECO-1202 Introduction to Macroeconomics [Fall 2017-2018, Fall 2016-2017, Summer 2014-2015, Spring 2012-2013]

ECO-1101 Introduction to Microeconomics [Summer 2016-2017, Summer 2015-2016, Spring 2014-2015]