Journal Articles :

Working papers:

  • Disability, physical activity, and health-related quality of life in Australian adults: An investigation using 19 waves of a longitudinal cohort (with Keramat, S., Ahammed, B, Mohammed A, Farjana, F, Kabir A, Haque,R., Mohammad, A., Ahmed, S and Ahinkorah, B.,O., accepted: Plos One)

  • Inequity in psychiatric healthcare use in Australia (With Alam K., Gow J., Alam K. & March, S., Under review: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric epidemiology).

  • Maternal healthcare services utilisation and its associated risk factors: A pooled study of 37 low- and middle-income countries (with Ahammed, B. & Keramat, S.A: Submitted: International Journal of Clinical Practice)

  • A generalised framework for analysing socioeconomic health and income mobility using longitudinal data (With Alam K. & Gow J.). Current draft: March 2021 (Under review: Journal of Economic Inequality)

  • Family and peer effect on young and adolescent smoking in Bangladesh (With Ahmed M.U. & Pulok M.H.). Current draft: March 2022

  • A multilevel analysis of individual and community-level factors associated with childhood immunisation in Bangladesh: Evidence from a pooled cross-section (With Ahammed A., Al-Hanawi M. & Keramat S.). Current draft: April 2022

  • Measuring and decomposing socioeconomic inequality in alcohol consumption: a cross-sectional analysis of the ArNCD cohort study (With Pourfarzi F., Zandian H., Malekzadeh R., Rezaei S. & Moghadam T.Z.). Current draft: October 2020

  • Corporate governance in healthcare under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the USA(With Ahmed M.U. & Pulok M.H. ). Current draft: June 2020